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Why Switch?


No Fees

There are no fees to switch electric suppliers. You simply enroll with the supplier of your choice. If you have previously switched suppliers, you may want to confirm that they do not have a cancellation fee before switching again.

Lower Your Bill

By switching electric suppliers, you can take advantage of competitive rates that may offer you significant savings versus your utility’s supply rate. When comparing plans on our site, you can enter your recent kWh usage to estimate your savings.

No Service Interruption

When you switch suppliers, you will not experience any interruption in your service.

Reliable Delivery

Your electricity will continue to be delivered by your utility as usual.

Same Bill

In most cases your utility company will continue to send you one bill reflecting the change in suppliers and the lower rate you are paying for electricity.

Continue With Your Utility

When you switch suppliers, your utility does not change. Your utility company will continue to handle any service needs, billing questions, etc. Also, if your supplier were to ever go out of business you would default right back to the utility and experience no interruption in service.

Need more details?

We are here to assist. Contact us by phone or email.

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