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Analyze Your Energy

Rock Energy Consultants is committed to helping small business and residential properties understand the energy market and how deregulation can provide cost savings. We help you to develop an “Energy Plan” that fits your individual needs.

Fixed Rate Plan
This plan protects against rising energy costs and market volatility. Customers receive long-term price certainty for the full duration of the contract.

Index Plans
These plans are market based with rates that are calculated using published wholesale prices. An Index Plan will vary monthly, but at the customer's request, can be converted to a Fixed Rate Plan at any time during the term of agreement.

Variable Rate Plan

This plan provides maximum flexibility. Participants in this plan benefit from highly competitive pricing and our wholesale buying capabilities. With this choice, the variable rate changes monthly based on the market conditions while customers maintain the ability to lock in a fixed rate at any time.


We have a team of professionals who analyze the energy markets on a daily basis. They prepare pricing charts for every size business or residence.


These charts cover time periods of 1 month to 3 years Once we gather some basic information from you we are able to obtain historical usage on your account. With this information an “Energy Plan” is developed for you.


"I have done business with David Cox at Rock Energy for many years now. He is always proactive with our contract renewals and is informative about the market.


I am glad we saved money using a third party energy source and the process was quite easy!"

Howard Schreiber

Evily Distribution

"I've been a customer of Rock Energy for over a year and the savings are palpable. Since the switch we have saved an average of 20-30% on our monthly energy costs.


From the initial consult to execution of the plan, the process cannot get any easier. It simply works. I highly recommend the service to anyone looking to take advantage of savings in their utility."

Dr. Tal Lebel

Need more details?

We are here to assist. Contact us by phone or email.

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