Do you have an energy plan?

Why is an ENERGY PLAN important for your home or business?
If you do not specify an electric or gas choice your local utility company will serve as your default electric supplier…at a price that can be significantly higher than the price offered by an independent electric supplier.
Let Rock Energy Consultants design and develop an ENERGY PLAN that best suits your needs.
We will compare Electric and Gas rates to help you find a supplier plan that is best for your home or business.

Benefit of Switching Supplier

  • No fees to switch
  • No interruption to your service
  • Continuous service from your utility
  • You will continue to pay your utility on the same bill
  • Variable and fixed rate programs are available as well as programs with renewable energy.
  • SAVE money on your gas and/or electric supply costs
  • Tax credits available in some states
  • Additional credits offered by some utilities for switching